Top 6 Signs your Space is infected with incredibly destructive termites! Make Decision Soon!

Looking for these signs help you in a great way saving your precious time, and money!

Termites – one of the dangerous insects known for doing tremendous damage to the individual’s property within a very short time- These nasty creatures are active 24*7 and continuously consume wood and damage it. They can live undetected in wall voids and hollow doors for many years.
They live in dark, protected environment and that make them hard to detect. The Infestation of these creatures is usually not apparent until the damage is done. It is wise to look for the early damage signs and save yourself in time from costlier damages.

To treat these secretive pests one needs a professional customized solution. Hence we offer a smart and safe Termite Control Service for our interested customers. Why don’t’ you Schedule a free termite inspection with us at no cost!

So without wasting a single moment please take a look at the top six signs of termite activity below:

Mud Tubes on Wall :-

You can find Pencil-sized mud tubes wherever the ground meets your living space. It is also found at potential food source such as shed, trees or plants. These nasty termites construct shelter tubes made of debris, mud and dirt. These shelter tubes are about the size of a coin are usually made to easily reach out to their food source without being seen.

You will find these tubes on the exterior and interior walls of the building.  These creatures actually require temperature and humidity levels to stay alive and the corners of your property offer them the exact environment for their growth.

Hollow Wood & Blisters in Wood Flooring

If you come across Wood damage or hollow wood below and behind surfaces such as floors and walls, and at other areas of the property – then be alert as your Space is infected with these destructive insects.

These wood damage or Hollow Wood will have an empty sound and it will also have a honeycomb interior.  In search of cellulose, these termites chew out the wood and left behind grooves that weaken the wood while making structural damage.

If you find Blisters in wood flooring then it surely point out to termites damaging Below or within the wooden flooring-many a time it will appear as if a water damage has been done on your wood flooring. These termites can cause great damage to your subfloor.

Dry wood Termite Droppings

You may find Tunnels in the wood and Termite droppings. These wood eaters nest inside of wood and make galleries that they keep clean. Through kick out holes these insects remove their excrement.

These termite droppings are left after consuming wood. Usually, these brown colored and grainy faecal mounds of pellets are found under the infested wood.  These pellets look like coffee grounds and sawdust, if you see these signs be sure that these are Dry wood Termite Droppings.

Damaged Roof Tiles & Foundation damage

Broken roof tiles or water-logged roof tiles are a great haven for termites as it is a source of moisture. And, indeed termites like moisture and humid environment to grow. Once they get into your home sweet home then they can easily move through a property damaging wood components at various locations.

If the foundation of your property has got some crack then they will be able to squeeze into any crack and may start their work of destroying the structure easily. Most of the time they gain entry into property in search of food- you may check out the foundation cracks for these dangerous insects. You may also go for our modern Termite Pest Control Service – Pre construction anti termite treatment that treats the foundation and floor structure of the building with non toxic chemicals. For enquiry you may get in touch with us!

Wall damage & tight fitting doors and windows

Termites survive on cellulose found in timber within walls and unexplained cracks on walls are exact sign of termite activity inside.  So, check out for damage on internal walls.

If you are finding hard to open doors and windows, then surely these wooden structures are infected with termites. These insects consume timber internally and their excrement gets stored inside- this leads to timber to swell and make it tough to close or open the door and windows.

Bottom line-

Sometimes, termites are detected and sometimes they are not – many a time they survive through wood from the inside as well as from the ground. So, it is hard to detect a termite infestation most of the time and till the time you find out about the termites it is very late.  Be smart- Schedule a free termite inspection until it’s too late.

Hope these Signs of termite damage may help you discover these destructive insects in right time and save your property from incalculable damage. Call us at PAPA MANGO Ghaziabad for professional customized solution! We are the best provider of True Termite Treatment Services in Ghaziabad- All over NCR.

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