Best Termite Treatment for New Construction Projects

Best Termite Treatment for New Construction Projects

Precaution is always better than cure and this saying stands true for termites that can inflict substantial damage to your home if allowed to flourish. Termites flourish in soil and the only way to prevent them from entering your home is to apply pre-construction termite protection.

Also, it is easier to control the termite population and attack at the pre-construction stage just before laying the foundation of your home. First, remove the colony of pests from the soil where you want to construct your home so you don’t have any fear or apprehension of pests invading the construction and destroying your property.

Let’s discuss the advantages of early treatment

1. Comprehensive Coverage 

At the pre-construction stage, the treatment provided a part of the foundation work. It provides comprehensive coverage as the pesticide seeps deep into the soil and removes pests. Also, it prevents pests from coming back for a long time depending on the quality of the pesticide used and the process employed. 

2. Convenient

It is more convenient to treat a piece of land than work on a constructed building. When you work on land, you can see pests and use the best tools to reach out to the pest colonies and destroy those using pesticides. The convenience of treatment further reduces its cost and time.

3. Cost Saving

Pre-construction termite protection is cost-saving in many ways. First, it reduces the cost of treatment considerably. Second, it saves cost by saving your property from damage. Third, it saves cost on maintenance in the long run. Fourth, it reduces the insurance cost. A small investment in early pest control can save you more money in the long run.   

What is the right time for termite treatment?

Call a pest control company for termite treatment after completing the initial construction work. The contractor will construct the framework for setting the foundation of your home. The pest control company will inspect the land to mark places for pest control and inject pesticides in the plot.  

What precautions do you need to take with termite treatment?

Termite treatment involves the use of pesticides that could be harmful if mixed with water sources. It is for the pest control company to make sure that the pesticides used are limited to termite colonies only and don’t reach water lines. Pre-construction termite protection is the best solution to control pests. It will insulate your home from termites and provide safety for years to come. 

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