Monsoon Tips to Prevent Diseases like Malaria and Dengue

Monsoon is the most loved season in India. It is the best season as it is the time to get rid of the sun’s scorching heat during the difficult and dreadful summer. There are mysterious feelings that come with the dark clouds.

However, this season also comes with dreadful diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, and typhus. These are some of the diseases that you can fall prey to through the mosquitosThese diseases are something that affects our immune system. Mosquitos love to proliferate and reproduce diseases during the monsoon season. To help you to save yourself from these diseases, read the following post.

  • Follow Healthy Lifestyle

The temperature swings and the high level of humidity of the monsoon seasons attract many insects carrying diseases. During this time, you need to have a balanced diet that will boost your immunity. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can help you to get protection from viral infections. You can try concoctions or drinks, such as water and honey or other herbal teas that can help you protect the respiratory and immune systems. A sufficient amount of exercise and sleep is the best factor that will protect you from the diseases such as Dengue.

  • Keep The Surrounding Clean

It is amongst the best way to prevent the diseases such as Malaria as it will limit the growth of the mosquito. You should clean and mop the house daily. You must get rid of excess and stagnant water as these are some breeding grounds for mosquitos.

You should also avoid keeping water tires, coolers, pots, and buckets. If you want to store the water, it is better to cover all breeding places such as containers and tanks. You should also clean the place weekly with throw the old water and replace it with fresh water.

  • Use Mosquito Repellent

To prevent the diseases such as Dengue, it is better to try to use insect spray that has pyrethroids during the evening. You can also choose to apply insect repellent lotions and cream to the exposed body area. There are also repellent roll-ons that you can get for your clothes and dab them on them.


These are some tips that can help you protect yourself from the diseases that come from mosquitos. You always try to stay indoors as you can, and if you are going out, you should always eat foods made in your house.

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