Ways to Ward of destructive pests: Best Termite Control at Papa Mango!

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Are you tensed about harmful and destructive termites? Are they invading your house by and by? If yes then continue reading this piece of wisdom? This blog will enlighten you about the easy and affordable ways of getting rid of destructive pests and bugs.

Our Termite control chemicals are 100% safe for pets, kids, and aged people. Our Termite pest control services is focused to eliminate various types of harmful pests, insects and destructive bugs from living and work spaces.

Check out some easy home remedies to control termites-

Neem Oil – Best Termite control home remedy

Neem oil is nontoxic, safe and has got an odd smell which results into short-lived infestation. It is more effective than other home remedies to control termites as it will not allow termites to go beyond molting process. This process allows these nasty creatures to go through new life growth phases. Eventually, they will stop eating and reproducing eggs. 

Natural Light- Sunlight-

Yes, if exposed to too much Sunlight, termites will be terminated. If you have detected that your wooden furniture or any wooden objects are infected you can easily drag it out to heat in the sun light for hours.

These unwanted pests hate sunlight and it won’t survive for long. So, natural light is a good option for getting rid of these little monsters.

Sodium Borate or Borax Powder

Sodium borate is usually used to wash your laundry but it can also kill termites effectively. One can easily mix borax powder with water and spray it into infested areas. Or other method is simply sprinkle the Sodium borate powder at affected areas in your space.

Termite Control Sprays

Online and offline in the market you will find many Termite Control Sprays options. But, choose the best one as there are many pathetic sprays available on the market shelf.  These high quality amazing sprays are good option to deal with wood destroying insects.


Vinegar is also a nontoxic and safe option same as Neem Oil. Termites are repelled by the smell of Vinegar easily. It has got acidic substance that kills termites and act as a good termite elimination treatment. You need to mix half cup of vinegar with the juice of two lemons and pour it in a spray bottle. Finally, spray this liquid around the suspected areas (where termites are hidden)

Termite Control

Other Commercial Termite Control Products-

There are both categories of Commercial Termite Control Products- one is eco friendly Termite Control Products and other is chemical based Termite Control Products. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Go for high quality product as they are expensive however they are much more effective than other low priced products.

Quick Preventive Measures-

Apart from these you can easily prevent the termites attack by following some steps such as-

Do not plant trees closer to wooden structures

Inspect your home periodically do not allow shrubs or plants to grow near wooden objects as they easily attract termites and offer a safe haven for termites to multiply easily.

Avoid Moisture in Your Homes

Termites thrive on moisture areas so get rid of excess moisture in and around your living space. Divert water away from your living space via properly functioning gutters.

Go For Routine Inspection

Maintain a routine inspection monthly or fortnightly to check out signs of mud tubes used by termites at the foundation of your home. One can go for Good Termite Treatment At Home- choose the best one in NCR. Some suggestions and points can help you control the termites temporarily but for completely eradiating this termite menace you need professional and qualified team of Papa Mango Ghaziabad.

Take the right measure in the right time check out our special services for you.

Here are some professional pest control methods that can make your house and commercial spaces termite free easily.

Post-Construction Termite Control Treatment

Latest termite detection technology helps us to easily detect and eliminate these worst termite force. It helps to destroy termites at business premises and home spaces significantly at a beginning stage. With our expert inspection and specialized termite treatment – the cost and time of the treatment is considerably reduced.

Pre-Construction Termite Control Treatment

These dangerous termites silently feast on your large investments and they may infest residential and commercial buildings at any time. So, Pre-construction termite treatment method allows you to stay protected from the beginning and you can cheerfully and calmly move to your new home or business space.

In this process, the sides and bottom surfaces of the building foundation pits will be treated with odorless pest control chemicals (safe chemicals), afterwards middle section of the building foundation will be backfilled with earth to avoid termite attack and finally top surface will be treated professionally.

Usually, Termites feed on cellulose sources and wood objects and it results in to expensive repairs to your precious property. After getting rid of this issue make sure you do not encounter this problem again. Papa Mango offer Termite Treatment At Home for the customers at reasonable cost. We are the proven experts in shielding your living spaces, institutions and commercial buildings.

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